About Us

KSARestaurant.com is online restaurant discovery platform.

Got bored of eating at same restaurants again and again? Want to try something new? KSARestaurant.com can help you discover trending restaurants, new food and cuisines in your region. Saudi Arabia is a country of diverse culture, and each culture have something new to offer. And FOOD is no exception.

But unfortunately, exploring new restaurants to eat is still very difficult and most of the time we rely on recommendations from friends which is good unless there is no more places left to recommend. KSARestaurant.com is an attempt to address this issue, by providing a platform where you have an option to receive recommendations from not just your friends but entire KSA Community.

KSARestaurant.com was developed by tech enthusiasts who thought it will help people living in Saudi Arabia to discover new food, restaurants and cuisines. KSARestaurant.com is made with ❤ for KSA Community and the service is absolutely FREE.